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4 ways to conquer winter chills

December 15, 2016


With the chill in the air, here are some simple ways to help keep your home warm and cosy without turning up the heat.

1. Wearing a sweater

While it’s tempting to turn up the heat on those chilly nights, the simplest way to save is to reach for a sweater or blanket instead of the thermostat. It may be all you need to stave off the cold.

2. Programming your thermostat

We recommend 17 °C when you’re out and asleep and 20 °C when you’re home and awake. Check out how easy it is:

3. Replacing your furnace filter

Keep your furnace working as efficiently as possible. Give it a hand by changing the furnace filter every three to six months.

4. Weatherizing

Check your windows and doors for drafts and worn weatherstripping and replace if necessary to help keep the heat in your home. Find many more ways to keep those drafts out with this helpful video:

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