Independent natural gas marketers in BC

Independent gas marketers are not associated with FortisBC. Through the Customer Choice Program, they offer a variety of natural gas commodity prices at fixed terms of one to five years.

Independent gas marketers are licensed by the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) to offer customers natural gas under Rate Schedule 36, and they must adhere to the BCUC's Rules for Gas Marketers and Code of Conduct for Gas Marketers.

The following companies are licensed to market natural gas to residential and/or commercial customers in British Columbia as part of the Customer Choice Program. Some of these gas marketers also offer transportation services to commercial and industrial customers. 

Company Phone Residential Commercial
Access Gas Services Inc. 877-519-0862
Bluestream Energy 778-340-1580
Direct Energy 1-866-867-8167
Easy Energy Inc. 844-409-8080
Just Energy 866-316-1640
Summitt Energy BC LP 877-222-9520

How gas marketers supply natural gas to your home

  • Gas marketers secure natural gas from many of the same supply sources as FortisBC and arrange for FortisBC to deliver the gas to your home.
  • There’s no interruption of service if you sign a contract with a gas marketer.
  • Gas marketers are legally obligated to meet the daily gas delivery requirements as set out by FortisBC.
  • If a marketer doesn’t meet its gas delivery requirements, FortisBC will step in as the “supplier of last resort” and ensure customers continue to receive an uninterrupted gas supply.

How gas marketers make money

  •  Gas marketers use a variety of buying strategies to source their gas at the most advantageous price.
  • They sell the gas to you using different pricing arrangements that allow them to earn a profit. For example, they might arrange for a supply of fixed-price gas.
  • The gas marketers sell the fixed-price gas to customers for more money than they paid for it.
  • Gas marketers may be able to offer different commodity prices over different time periods that consider each customer's unique gas consumption needs.

Customer Choice eligibility for FortisBC programs 

If you’ve previously enrolled in programs as a FortisBC customer, then signed up with a gas marketer, you’ll automatically be removed from any FortisBC programs (e.g. Renewable Natural Gas) that Customer Choice customers are ineligible for.