Customer Choice: buying from natural gas marketers

The Customer Choice Program allows you to choose to sign a fixed-term, fixed-rate contract with an independent gas marketer instead of purchasing natural gas from FortisBC at a variable rate. There are benefits to both options, just like there are with home mortgages at fixed interest rates or variable rates.

Whether you choose to purchase natural gas from an independent gas marketer or from FortisBC, we’ll continue to deliver the gas to your home through the pipelines we own and operate. We also read natural gas meters and provide 24-hour emergency service for all natural gas customers.

FortisBC or gas marketer: what's the difference?

Learn about contract terms, rates and more so you can make an informed choice.

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Independent gas marketers in BC

Get contact information for licensed gas marketers in BC.

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When a natural gas salesperson knocks at your door

Get the facts before you speak with a door-to-door sales person selling a contract for an independent gas marketer.

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Your customer choice natural gas bill

Learn about all the terms on your bill, and where to find important Customer Choice information on your bill.

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Where Customer Choice is available

The Customer Choice Program is currently available to residential and commercial customers in the Interior, the Lower Mainland, Whistler, Vancouver Island, the Sunshine Coast and Powell River. Customer Choice is not available in Revelstoke or Fort Nelson.

Customer Choice Program history

The Customer Choice Program is overseen by the British Columbia Utilities Commission, which opened BC’s residential natural gas market to competition in 2007 in response to the provincial government’s 2002 energy policy.

Learn about the Customer Choice Program with our in-language brochures

Information about the Customer Choice Program is available in Punjabi and Chinese