Electricity planning and stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is vital to the Long Term Electric Resource Plan (LTERP) process. Our stakeholders provide valuable input into the LTERP and our role in meeting BC’s future energy needs.

Long-term Electric Resource Planning (LTERP) and consultation process

For the 2021 LTERP, we plan to build on improvements to the scope and quality of stakeholder engagement activities from the 2016 LTERPs. We intend to carry out a number of activities from fall 2019 to spring 2021, offering stakeholders the opportunity to participate in discussions to inform the LTERPs. These activities include meetings with a dedicated Resource Planning Advisory Group (RPAG) and in community engagement workshops in the communities we serve, and/or the ability to provide input to the planning process through an online panel.

Community engagement

We plan to conduct multiple rounds of community engagement throughout the province for the 2021 LTERP. The first round was held in October 2019. Additional workshops will be held in 2020.

Long-term resource planning and related stakeholder engagement is an ongoing process. Email us at irp@fortisBC.com for information about future workshops.

We have conducted three workshops so far for the 2021 LTERP. Here is what was presented and discussed:

Date/LocationPresentation filesWorkshop notes
October 8, 2019
Natural gas and electric long term resource planningWorkshop notes
October 9, 2019
Natural gas and electric long term resource planningWorkshop notes
October 10, 2019
Natural gas and electric long term resource planningWorkshop notes

Resource Planning Advisory Group

The Resource Planning Advisory Group is a technical working group that engages members from municipalities, government, Indigenous communities, customer associations, environmental organizations and others in developing the LTERP. This group of energy industry experts, relevant government and Indigenous participants and other key stakeholders regularly provide input on important energy issues during long term resource planning. 

Terms of Reference

The current Terms of Reference for the electric advisory group governs the composition of, and interactions between, the advisory membership (including FortisBC). These Terms are periodically updated to enhance the group’s interactions and to reflect updates in the planning environment. 

Questions or comments about the Resource Planning Advisory Group? Email mike.hopkins@fortisbc.com

Advisory Group workshop records

We plan to conduct several Advisory Group workshops and meetings for the 2021 LTERP. Two have been held so far, with one in November 2019 and another in June 2020. Additional workshops will be held in 2020 and 2021. Here is what was presented and discussed so far:

Date/LocationPresentation filesWorkshop notes
November 26, 2019
Resource Planning Advisory Group WorkshopWorkshop notes
June 25, 2020
via Webex
Resource Planning Advisory Group meetingMeeting notes