Electricity planning and stakeholder engagement

Connecting with our customers, communities and stakeholders on long term planning issues is important to us. Stakeholder consultation occurs throughout the entire Long-term Electricity Resource Planning (LTERP) process.

A flow chart showing the process of natural gas project planning with stakeholder engagement (18-150.16)
Long-term Electricity Resource Planning (LTERP) and consultation process

Resource Planning Advisory Group workshop

As part of the planning process and in response to stakeholder feedback, we established a Resource Planning Advisory Group (RPAG). The RPAG is a critical component of our stakeholder consultation activity and will engage stakeholders from municipalities, government, Indigenous communities, customers, associations and organizations in the development of the LTERP.

This group of energy industry experts and other key stakeholders meet periodically to discuss important issues affecting long-term utility plans. RPAG workshop presentations for the 2016 LTERP are provided here:

Community workshops

We also engage with energy leaders in the communities we serve through resource planning workshop sessions held in the fall.

Municipal leaders such as mayors and councillors, Indigenous community leaders, representatives from universities, colleges and school districts, housing developers and city energy planners are invited to attend and provide feedback. Presentations included information on electricity and natural gas since we provide both services in BC’s southern interior.

We’re here to help

For more information on our LTERP, please email our senior manager of price risk and resource planning, Mike Hopkins, at mike.hopkins@fortisbc.com.