Industrial electricity interconnection

Large commercial and industrial customers and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) needing to connect to our electrical transmission system can find interconnection information here.

You may need an industrial connection if you:

  • require a connected load of 5,000 kW or more
  • have one or more large pieces of equipment in your facility at or over 2,000 hp
  • build, own, operate and maintain your own electrical substation and transmission line connected to FortisBC's transmission system
  • require a unique or specialized distribution system connection

Large industrial connections can either be:

  • Transmission service: for load connection requirements over 63 kV or
  • Distribution service: for load connection requirements of 25 kV and under

Transmission and interconnection resources 

Transmission system existing users:

Customer POR
(Point of Receipt)
(Point of Delivery)
Customer A KRA substation
Kootenay Interconnection 45 MW
Customer B Nelson Hydro Kootenay Interconnection 4 MW
Customer C DUC substation Duck Lake 33 MW

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