Customer Choice gas marketer resources

If you want to become an independent gas marketer in BC, the information and application forms you’ll need are on this page. You’ll also find links to the Gateway for Energy Marketers (GEM) and useful information for ongoing use as a gas marketer. 

Specifications, rules and guides for gas marketers

You can also review the Customer Choice brochure available for customers: It's your choice - understand your options before you sign a consumer agreement

To become a gas marketer:

  1. Complete the Application for a License to Market Natural Gas and submit it to the BCUC. 
  2. Enter into a rate schedule 36 commodity unbundling service agreement with FortisBC. You’ll need to complete the following forms:
  3. Use the GEM application to communicate with us about your customer enrolment activity. We’ll send you enrolment confirmation, consumption history data, delivery requirements and billing details. See below for more information.

Gateway for Energy Marketers

Licensed, authorized gas marketers use Gateway for Energy Marketers (GEM) to enroll customers, drop customer contracts and log disputes.

Before you use GEM, read the Gateway for Energy Marketers User Guide for Gas Marketers