Other measurement services

If you’re looking for a specific service for gas or electric measurement devices and don’t see it listed on our meter testing, maintenance and repair page, chances are we can help you out. If you need one of the services below, or a custom service that isn’t listed here, please contact us.

Instrumentation and data services

  • instrument and EVC calibration and repair
  • pipe locator and gas detector testing and maintenance
  • pulse hand-off service
  • calibration of temperature indicators and pressure gauges
  • analysis of odourant sampling, round sampling, heat content and propane

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology services 

  • real-time, automated monitoring of gas or electricity flow
  • customer information in a form that can be easily integrated with core processes such as data analysis, rate design and billing
  • AMR tools that are flexible, highly functional and affordable
  • gas and electric AMR retrofitting 

Asset/meter fleet management

We can do a statistical analysis of your in-service meter population to accurately determine when it’s most cost-effective to replace your meters—which helps you budget better and forecast product and work requirements for future years. Our services include:

  • initial analysis
  • specifying and obtaining new replacement meters
  • developing and implementing an ongoing meter recall program

Meter set design

Our meter set design and fabrication service builds both standard and custom meter sets to the highest standards.  Our standard designs are tried and tested, but we can also customize meter sets to your specific standards. We build meter sets for a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial uses.

Standard meter sets are available for a variety of delivery pressures and line pressure delivery loads.

Custom meter sets are available based on specific customer requirements including installations for high inlet pressures, special delivery pressures, compact and specific locations.

Our welders and gas fitters are registered and certified to meet industry standards.

Measurement research and development

We provide a range of testing and consulting services that can be tailored to suit your requirements. Our accredited facility and our highly skilled and experienced technologists and engineers can offer expert advice and a platform for new device testing or flow measurement problem resolution.