Getting gas: it’s easier than you think

Want to start enjoying the benefits of gas? It’s easier than you might think and installation can cost as little as $15. Once our crews arrive, installation is typically completed in less than a day. Afterwards, we will restore your property to its original condition.

Cost of gas installation

The cost depends on the distance, typically measured from the middle of the road, to the location where your gas meter will be installed as identified by FortisBC (the first safe meter location*).

  • $15 for the first 25 metres
  • $125 for each additional metre

*The first safe meter location ensures adequate distance from windows, doors, vents and electrical outlets and provides unobstructed access to monthly meter readers.

Get connected

If your home is not connected to gas, use our online interactive map to:

  • check if gas is available in your area
  • get a no-obligation installation estimate
  • request gas service

Get started

If gas is available, you’ll need to provide your driver’s licence number, passport number or BC identification to request service.

If your home or business is already connected to a gas line

If gas is not yet available in your neighbourhood

The installation process

After you request a gas line:

  1. Our crew will install a gas line and a gas meter on your property, connecting to our gas main.
  2. You’ll need to have a licensed gas contractor connect the meter to your home, and connect your gas appliances after we install your gas line and meter. We recommend hiring your contractor as soon as possible so they can help you decide on the best appliances for your home, and other important details.

Find a licensed contractor

Restoring your property after the installation

To install the gas line and meter, we’ll need to dig on your property. Our crew will restore your property back to its pre-installation state.

Installation timing

  • Installation is typically scheduled three to six weeks after a gas line installation request is submitted; however, some service areas may require longer booking lead times.
  • If a site visit and/or additional planning is required before installation, the process will take longer.
  • If a gas main extension is required, the process could take 13 weeks or more.
  • Once the installation has begun, it’s typically completed in less than one day.

Please note: some extensions may require system improvements to ensure adequate supply of gas, which may add more time to the project planning cycle.

Contractors and commercial customers

Contractors requesting gas service on behalf of homeowners 

You can submit the request under your company’s name. You’ll be billed for any gas consumption while the account is in your company’s name.

After the installation is completed, please call us at 1-888-224-2710 to close the account. The homeowner should then call us to open their new account.

Business, commercial and industrial customers 

Complete our gas service request form for new or additional gas service. You’ll need to provide your business number.

We’ll contact you with a price quote, review the service agreement with you and get your approval before scheduling the installation.