Is your electricity bill high?

If your electricity bill is higher than you expected, there’s a number of reasons why this may be. We’ll walk you through the various reasons here, but remember—we’re always here to help. Give us a call at 1-866-436-7847 .

Increased electricity use 

If you’ve used more electricity than usual in your home or business, it will cause your bill to go up. Here are some reasons why we use more energy. 


When colder weather sets in, we usually turn up the thermostat and run our baseboard heating or electric fireplaces for longer periods. And when summer comes along, an air conditioner is key for comfort. Colder and warmer temperatures can mean higher bills, since it takes more electricity to heat or cool your home or building. 

Additional appliances

Increased electricity use can also happen if you’ve added portable heaters, air conditioners or other appliances like TVs to your home or business. 

Poor insulation

Older homes or buildings are usually less able to keep the heat in. Poor insulation in basements and crawl spaces, or improper window and door seals, can make it costly to heat. 


Guests staying over or more people living in your home can lead to the increased use of electricity since more people equals more hot water to take showers or do laundry. 

Rate changes 

It’s possible that electricity rates have changed, affecting the amount on your bill. Sometimes we may need to purchase additional power when we’re unable to meet demand. Other times, we may need to maintain or replace aging infrastructure. Any rate change is reviewed by the British Columbia Utilities Commission.

Today, we have a two tier-rate structure, but we’re looking to change how our rates are structured and this could impact your bill. In our electricity rate design application to the BCUC, we recommended phasing out the current two-tier electricity rate over a period of four years, which would result in a flat rate by the fifth year. If approved, these changes would come into effect beginning in 2019.

We’re here to help 

Did you know we work with our customers to help solve high bill problems year-round, not just in the winter months? If your bill is high, we’ll work with you to find a solution that may include payment arrangements. For example, we offer a Equal Payment Plan if you want to pay a fixed monthly payment and avoid those seasonal highs and lows. 

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