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Sustainability is not something we do. It’s how we do everything. To be successful, we must continue to integrate sustainable business practices across our organization while balancing financial, environmental and social factors, ensuring we’re here for British Columbians for years to come.

Our commitment to sustainability

Our 2020 Corporate and Sustainability Report details our commitment to sustainability through the collective achievements we’ve made with British Columbians over the past year. This includes how we continued to help customers improve energy efficiency in their homes and businesses through our rebate programs; the ways we continued to strengthen relationships with organizations, Indigenous communities and local municipalities through community investment and job opportunities; the innovative ways we worked with our partners to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across the province; and the ways our employees gave back to the communities where they live and work.

Our sustainability framework

Our sustainability framework touches every area of our organization and is made up of four pillars that provide a strong foundation for our future as a sustainable company.

Supporting our customers

Our customers are the reason we’re here and our focus is the safe, reliable delivery of energy to their homes and businesses while supporting them through our customer service teams, public safety initiatives and energy conservation programs. We’re working with our customers to help us achieve a cleaner energy future while ensuring they have access to the affordable and reliable energy they need.

Working with our partners and communities

We’re proud to work with the communities where we live and work. We continue to strengthen relationships and partnerships with local communities, Indigenous Peoples, stakeholders, regulatory agencies and business organizations to help our communities grow and prosper.

Protecting the environment

We’re taking actions today to help us protect the environment and work toward a cleaner energy future. We’re making progress towards achieving our ambitious 30BY30 emissions reduction goal, which will drive us to increase our renewable energy supply and the installation of EV charging stations, while also improving energy efficiency in homes and businesses to help lower our customers’ emissions by 30 per cent by the year 2030 relative to 2007 levels.

Investing in our employees

Our dedicated employees are the reason we continue to deliver safe and reliable energy to our customers every day and we continue to invest in their professional and personal success. We value their contributions and provide them with a safe, inclusive and engaging workplace where all ideas are respected and welcomed.

Our pathway to reduce GHG emissions

In 2018, we released our Clean Growth Pathway to 2050 that charts a path for us to contribute to achieving the provincial climate action goal of an 80 per cent GHG emissions reduction by 2050. To focus our path and allow us to track our progress toward achieving a lower carbon energy future for British Columbians, we took the next step in our Clean Growth Pathway and announced our 30BY30 target in 2019.

The implementation of our Clean Growth Innovation Fund enables us to invest an additional $4.9 million per year in innovative GHG emissions-reducing projects such as renewable gas initiatives that include Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) and hydrogen. These projects will be funded in partnership with government and industry.

Our values

Our organization is guided by five core values that are fundamental to how we operate.

Value What it means to us How we live our values


We put safety first. Safety is always top of mind.

Internally, we’re committed to a strong safety culture, ensuring our employees go home safe every day. Externally, we work to educate customers, contractors and others about safe practices around natural gas and electricity.

Customer centric

We value our customers’ business.

Every day we work to provide our customers with great service and innovative solutions to their challenges. We employ a team of community and key account managers, who work closely with municipalities and Indigenous communities to understand and address their needs.


We work as one company, one team with shared success.

We strive to create a collaborative environment and support inclusivity in the workplace, which strengthens our ability to make sound business decisions and recruit and retain the best talent. Our teams work together to support successful projects and initiatives that benefit our customers and the communities where we live and work.


We are respectful, honest and ethical.

We focus on creating a safe working environment where everyone is valued, respected and treated with fairness. We support inclusion and diversity by providing education for our employees on respect, anti-bullying and cultural awareness.


We seek better ways.

We research innovative energy solutions so that our customers will continue to have access to the energy products and solutions they need. Along with anticipating and innovating for BC’s future energy needs, we also work to deliver and improve upon cutting-edge technology that helps reduce environmental impacts.

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