Your new FortisBC bill

Your experience with us is one of our most important priorities—and that includes your energy bill. We’re simplifying your current natural gas or electricity bill, making it easier to understand so you can make more informed energy choices for your home or business.

Are you ready for something new?

We sure hope so, because we’d like to make your life a little easier with a new bill developed and redesigned by customers. Yes, FortisBC customers just like yourself—homeowners, renters, small and large business owners and more.

We listened to 1,400 energy customers to understand what they liked and didn’t like about our current natural gas and electricity bills; what was missing or hard to find and what information would be helpful. As one customer said: “Help me do what I want as simple and as fast as possible.”

Make it easier to understand

We want you to look at your new bill and clearly understand all the relevant information that matters to you most. You’ll see a bill that has:

  • the most important information at the top of the bill, making things like payment amounts, due dates, billing periods and our contact information easy to find
  • less technical language
  • more visually friendly infographics

Make it easier to make good energy choices

With the new bill, you’ll be able to make more informed energy choices that’ll benefit your household or business. For example, you’ll:

  • see how much energy you’ve used compared to the previous month and previous year
  • get useful tips and advice on how to improve energy efficiency, reduce your energy use and energy costs in your home or in your business
  • get the latest information about services and products like Renewable Natural Gas, plus valuable rebates for heating systems and appliances

What’s coming next

Stay tuned! Your new bill is coming soon.