Save energy and money—we’ve got rebates on windows, doors and insulation

Is it time to make your home more comfortable while using less energy? We’ve got rebates and tips to help you get started!

Why should you upgrade your windows, doors and insulation?

Some of the reasons for upgrading are obvious—for example, if you have windows and doors that are visibly damaged or don’t suit your style. But there are hidden costs to keeping the status quo:

  • Gaps in window and door frames, single-paned glass, and old insulation could be letting cool drafts inside during the winter and leaking conditioned air outside during the summer. Wasted energy = wasted money.
  • Depending on how you heat your home, using more energy could mean increasing your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Your windows and insulation could be letting more heat into your home during heat waves. This could cause you to crank your air conditioning up.
  • Old or poorly installed windows, doors and insulation could be allowing moisture to seep inside, causing mould and mildew.
  • If you have single-paned windows and old or inadequate insulation, you could be hearing a lot more street noise than necessary.

How do I get started?

Upgrading your windows, doors and insulation can be a significant investment. We recommend shopping around and hiring experienced professionals who can help you decide which products to buy and install them properly. To start, read our blogs:

Hire a registered contractor 

When you’re ready to hire a professional to install your new windows, doors or insulation, use the Home Performance Contractor Network to find a contractor trained in industry best practices, and subject to ongoing quality assurance evaluations. 

We’ve got rebates!

We’ve got rebates to help you save money as you make your home more energy efficient:

  • Window and door rebates$100 per window or door, up to $2,000 total
  • Insulation rebates – up to $5,500, depending on which areas of your home you’re upgrading, and the number of square feet of insulation being replaced

Bonus offer

Keep in mind—if you’re applying for multiple energy-efficiency rebates (e.g. if you install insulation in two or more areas, or if you install insulation as well as eligible windows or doors), you may also be eligible for our two-upgrade bonus offer of $300!

More energy efficiency rebates to help you save 

Check out all our rebates to make your home more energy efficient, reduce GHG emissions and save on your energy bills.