Click or call before you clear

By clicking or calling BC 1 Call before you begin clearing a blocked sewer, you can find out if natural gas lines are intersecting the sewer line and prevent accidents and damages from happening.

What you need to know before clearing a sewer line

Although we conduct line locates before installing lines and do regular inspections, it is possible that some unintentional intersections or “cross bores” may occur when utility lines are installed underground. A natural gas line crossing through a sewer pipe is rare, but they can co-exist safely and go undetected until the sewer pipe is blocked and needs to be cleared. If a cross bore is present, clearing the sewer can damage the natural gas line and potentially cause a safety hazard for surrounding homes and businesses. 

Blocked sewer line? Click or call BC 1 Call first.

Even if you don't use natural gas, always contact BC 1 Call, as natural gas lines could be nearby. The service is free, easy and available 24 hours a day.

  1. Request location information – ask your sewer cleaning professional to contact BC 1 Call or call yourself at 1-800-474-6886, or click:

    BC 1 Call
  2. Identify the situation – in your request, let them know you’re asking about a “sewer service line blockage.” BC 1 Call will notify FortisBC immediately. We’ll make every effort to respond as soon as possible. 
  3. Inspect first – don't begin clearing the sewer with rotating equipment or water jets until inspection has ruled out the presence of a cross bore. If a cross bore is found during the inspection, the gas and sewer pipes will be repaired at no cost to you. 


Watch our video

Learn how easy it is to contact BC 1 Call and have your sewer line inspected for cross-bores, free and fast.

We’re here to help

If you have questions, contact BC 1 Call at 1-800-474-6886 or the FortisBC natural gas Emergency Line at 1-800-663-9911 (24 hours).