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Search our directory of more than 470 licensed gas contractors from across the province to find a contractor in your community that is experienced in natural gas appliance installation and service.1 Contractors listed in this directory have met the requirements below to be a member of the FortisBC Trade Ally Network.

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Natural gas contractors in our Trade Ally Network directory

Whether building or renovating, you’ll need a professionally trained and licensed gas contractor1 that employs trained and certified gas fitters to install and service your natural gas heating systems or appliances.

Natural gas contractors that are licensed and listed in our directory must:

  • possess a minimum of $2 million liability and third-party insurance
  • have a business licence for each community they serve
  • have been in business for a minimum of two years

These independent contractors are also well informed about our energy-efficiency rebates and innovative technologies. See our advice on hiring a contractor.

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Tell us about your experience with a contractor in our Trade Ally Network. If you have any concerns about a gas contractor you have hired or who has made a sales call to you, you can also contact the Better Business Bureau or Consumer Protection BC.

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1The contractors listed on this directory are independent natural gas contractors licensed with Technical Safety BC and meet the limited criteria of FortisBC as set out on this webpage. These contractors are not employees of FortisBC. This directory is for informational purposes only. FortisBC does not endorse or guarantee contractors or their services. It is your responsibility to interview and select a contractor that meets your needs.