Sustainable energy options

We recognize our customers want to reduce their impact on the environment, and we’re providing innovative energy solutions for our customers and communities—partnering with local governments, regional districts and other public sector organizations—to help them reach their climate action goals.

Renewable Natural Gas

We work with local farms, landfills and municipalities to make Renewable Natural Gas. It works just like conventional natural gas (using the same appliances), but it’s made from the greenhouse gas emissions of decomposing organic waste. Learn more about this affordable low-carbon energy, and how you can sign up for it today.

Renewable Natural Gas

Electric vehicle charging in BC

We’re helping British Columbians plug in to lower carbon energy sources for transportation, and supporting BC’s greenhouse gas reduction goals. Find out how we’re teaming up with other organizations to build electric charging stations across the province, and see where you can charge your electric vehicle.

Electric vehicle charging