Natural gas rates

Natural gas is a commodity traded on the North American marketplace, like oil, coffee or lumber. As with most commodities, the price is dictated by weather, economic conditions and supply and demand. When demand is high, the price rises. When supply is high, the price drops.  

How we set your rate

We buy natural gas from producers, and pass this commodity cost to you for exactly what we paid for it. We don't mark up the cost of gas. This means you pay what we pay. We get our return from the delivery rates, which cover the cost to deliver natural gas through our system to your home or business, safely and reliably.

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Getting the best value

We use strategies such as buying gas from a variety of sources, locking in the price of gas when we can and forecasting the expected cost of natural gas over the coming year (taking into account storage levels and even hurricanes). We work hard to get the best value and protect you from market highs. If there are differences in the projected cost of natural gas, we recover or refund that amount, ensuring you still pay what we pay. 

The British Columbia Utilities Commission reviews commodity costs every three months and delivery costs annually. 

Residential, business and transportation rates

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Residential rates
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Business rates
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Transportation service rates
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Important: if you buy your natural gas from a third-party independent gas marketer (not FortisBC), learn about your rate here.

Residential, business and transportation tariffs

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