Sign up for Renewable Natural Gas

Why sign up for Renewable Natural Gas1 (RNG)? It’s a carbon neutral energy source that’s made from naturally decomposing organic waste. And it’s one of the ways we’re helping reduce our customers’ greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2030, compared to 2007 levels.

Getting RNG is simple

Once you’re signed up there’s nothing else you need to do. There’s no need to upgrade your appliances or do anything differently, because RNG has the same properties as conventional natural gas but without the carbon footprint.

Start reducing your carbon footprint today

If you’re already a FortisBC natural gas customer, signing up for RNG is easy:

Log in to Account Online

Select Renewable Natural Gas under the Manage services menu and follow the steps to enrol.


Contact us

Call us at 1-888-224-2710 and let us know you’d like to sign up for RNG.

How much does RNG cost?

There are affordable options for every budget. For the average household using 90 gigajoules of natural gas every year, the cost for signing up for RNG is around $3 per month, for a five per cent blend. Check out our cost breakdown for all the available blends.

Where does RNG come from?

Check out our RNG suppliers to learn more about the municipal, agricultural and industrial partnerships that make RNG possible.

1 Renewable Natural Gas is produced in a different manner than conventional natural gas. It is derived from biogas, which is produced from decomposing organic waste from landfills, agricultural waste and wastewater from treatment facilities. The biogas is captured and cleaned to create carbon neutral Renewable Natural Gas (also called biomethane).