Electric vehicle charging

The future for electric vehicles (EVs) looks bright and we’re excited to be part of it—helping our customers plug in to cleaner energy choices for transportation like EVs by expanding the number of electric vehicle charging stations in BC and working with the Province of British Columbia to offer rebates for installing charging stations in homes, apartment buildings and workplaces.

Rebates for EV charging stations for homes

Rebates are available to BC residents for purchasing and installing an eligible EV charging station in your garage or driveway.

EV charging stations for homes

Rebates for EV charging stations for condos, apartments and workplaces

Rebates are available for workplaces and residents of condominiums and apartment buildings who purchase and install eligible EV charging stations. Pre-approval is required.

EV charging stations for multi-unit residential buildings and workplaces

Charging your EV at home

Learn about the different levels of charging for your plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle and the factors to consider before installing a dedicated EV charging station at home.

Charging your electric vehicle at home

Installing networked EV charging stations

If you’re considering installing EV charging stations for a workplace, condo or apartment building, networked charging stations can offer additional benefits over individual units. 

Installing networked electric vehicle charging stations

Public EV charging stations in BC

We work with municipalities and other organizations to build EV charging stations across the province. Check the map here to find charging stations and help plan your trip.

Find public electric vehicle charging stations in BC

Electric vehicle resources

We’re here to help

If you have questions about electric vehicle charging, or electric charging stations, please contact EV@fortisbc.com.