Elapsed Pro Rata Scheduled Quantity (EPSQ) Calculator

If you want to reduce a nomination for the Intraday 1 (ID1), Intraday 2 (ID2), or Intraday 3 (ID3) nomination cycles, the volume will be limited by elapsed proration. The proration calculation is based on the portion of scheduled natural gas volumes that have already flowed by the time the next gas cycle occurs (the cycle for which you are attempting to reduce the nomination).

Input the scheduled volumes in the fields below to calculate the minimum nominated quantities for the Intraday cycles.

Note: nominations can be reduced to zero for a gas flow day up to the Evening cycle because no gas will have flowed for that gas day by the time the Timely and Evening Cycles’ deadlines have passed. That is, the EPSQ calculation is not necessary for these cycles because gas for the Timely and Evening cycles will not flow until 7:00 am the following day.