Meter exchanges

In line with Measurement Canada requirements, we exchange and test a range of natural gas and electricity meters for homes and businesses. We do this to ensure your meter continues to be accurate, safe and reliable.

Arranging a meter exchange appointment 

When your meter needs exchanging we’ll call to let you know, and confirm if you’re comfortable having a technician entering your home to relight your natural gas appliances after we exchange your meter. To exchange your meter, your natural gas service will be shut off temporarily so our technician can safely do the work. If you don’t have self-igniting natural gas appliances, our technician can relight them for you after they finish exchanging your meter.

    What you can expect 

    Exchanging your meter will take about 30 to 45 minutes from start to finish. There is no cost to you. This work is part of our routine maintenance program.

    FortisBC is accredited as a meter service organization. This recognized status is based on federal government approval of our quality assurance programs. We also meet international standards for quality control.

    When our technician arrives, they will:

    • take the last reading on your current meter
    • shut off the natural gas supply to the existing meter
    • remove the meter
    • put the new meter on
    • take a new reading
    • turn the natural gas back on
    • relight your natural gas appliances, or provide guidance as needed if you prefer to relight your appliances yourself (unless you have self-igniting appliances).

    Why are we exchanging your meter? 

    To make sure our customers are billed accurately for their energy use and to comply with Measurement Canada regulations, each year we test a selection of our electricity meters. This testing is a routine part of the work we do to maintain and improve the electricity system in communities around B.C., and comply with Measurement Canada regulations.

    What you can expect 

    There is no cost to you. This work is part of our routine maintenance program. 

    When the time comes to exchange your electricity meter, a FortisBC crew member or contractor working on behalf of FortisBC will attempt to knock on your door to notify you when they are onsite to do the work. They will be easily identified by marked vehicles and will carry appropriate identification. If anyone comes to your property claiming to be from FortisBC for other reasons, or if you have concerns, please call 1-866-436-7847 or email [email protected].

    The meter exchange may cause a momentary power outage, from two to 10 minutes. If there are any access or repair issues that prevent us from completing the work, we will arrange a future visit.

    Safety and security

    We all love our pets, but even the friendliest of dogs can become protective of their home. If you have a meter exchange scheduled, please keep your dog inside or away from the meter. If we are exchanging your gas meter and a technician is entering your home to relight your appliances, keep your pets away from the technician so our technician can do their job safely and efficiently.

    We also care about your personal safety and want you to feel comfortable. All FortisBC employees carry photo identification. If someone approaches you claiming to work for FortisBC, ask to see identification. You can also call us at 1-888-593-8772 to verify that a FortisBC service technician is, or has been, working in your area.