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Looking for specific information of interest to your clients? We’ve provided some shortcuts below so you can quickly access safety tips, applicable rebate webpages and information on special offers and initiatives to help you support your community and clients.

View all residential rebates

View all our rebates for existing homes at a glance with quick links to individual rebate webpages and application form links.

Home Renovation Rebate Program

Existing natural gas and electricity customers are eligible for rebates on products and equipment to make their homes more energy efficient

Connect to Gas

Offers rebates to customers converting to natural gas space and/or water heating from higher carbon fuels such as oil, propane or wood.

Energy-saving tips and how-to videos for homes

Learn how to change out a showerhead, replace your furnace filter and more.

Home energy calculator

Find out what appliances and heating systems would work best in your home.  


View all commercial and business rebates

View all our rebates and custom design offers for existing commercial and industrial customers

View all commercial new construction rebates

Rebates are available for multi-family, commercial and industrial new construction projects.


Energy-saving support for small business

We’re proud to partner with GreenStep Solutions to provide free customized energy advice to participating business. You can get tips, technical advice and information about our programs that can help you save energy, greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs.

Energy-saving tips for business

Easy energy-saving tips categorized by industry type to help you save energy in your business.

Energy Savings Kit

Income-qualified homes are eligible for a free kit filled with energy-saving products that they self-install

Energy Conservation Assistance Program

Income-qualified customers may be eligible for a free home energy-assessment and the professional installation of energy-saving products.

Natural gas boiler and furnace rebates

Income-qualified customers may be eligible for enhanced space heating rebates to upgrade aging equipment to high efficiency.

Natural gas water heater rebates

Income-qualified customers may be eligible for enhanced water heating rebates to upgrade aging equipment to high efficiency.

New Home Program

Build a new home and access rebates for high-efficiency appliances or whole home BC Energy Step Code rebates.

Multi-unit residential and commercial new construction


Rebates for high energy performance new multi-family condominiums and commercial buildings

Sponsorship funding for municipal builder events

Sponsorship funding may be available for your builder-related event in return for a speaking, or other promotional, opportunity to inform attendees about our rebate programs.

Indigenous Community Conservation Program

Email us to learn more.

Indigenous training programs

We’ve developed training programs and engaged with industry partners to help Indigenous people gain access to employment opportunities in skilled trades and technical careers with FortisBC.

Partnering for energy efficiency in Indigenous communities

Through our partnership with Indigenous communities we’re addressing the energy efficiency of homes, administration offices and other buildings in First Nations communities.

Natural gas and electricity safety content
Email us to request safety tips to share with your community.

Energy efficiency programs for Indigenous communities

Rebates, programs and support are available for Indigenous communities or individual community members making energy-efficiency improvements and upgrades to their homes.

Energy efficiency programs for Indigenous community buildings

We have rebates, programs and support for energy-efficiency improvements and upgrades to community buildings such as administration offices, health and recreation centres, schools and daycares. Rebates are also available for new construction projects.

Work with usPre-qualify for moderate to high-risk work on FortisBC projects by registering with ISNetworld®, FortisBC’s primary contractor pre-qualification system.


Sustainable energy options

We're providing innovative energy solutions to help our customers and communities reach their climate action goals.

Climate leadership

We’re taking action with partners across the province to lead BC toward a lower-carbon future.


We value sustainability in everything we do, and we're committed to evolving our practices to meet the changing needs of our customers.