First responders safety awareness

We provide awareness programs for first responders to help them stay safe when approaching emergency situations involving natural gas or electricity. The programs include videos and discussion guides that support facilitators teaching first responders about the basic properties of electricity and natural gas, and how to approach emergency situations safely.

These programs meet the requirements outlined in the British Columbia Fire Service Minimum Training Standards – Structure Firefighters Competency and Training Playbook.

Electrical safety education

We’ve developed two electricity safety courses for first responders. Both provide an overview of the safety issues first responders need to be aware of when approaching an electricity incident.

Contractor eLearning course - Electrical Safety Awareness for First Responders

This 20-40-minute course includes an overview of:

  • the electrical system
  • effects of electricity on the body
  • the principles of touch, step and ground gradient
  • limits of approach
  • how to stay safe while approaching an electricity incident

Sign into the FortisBC Contractor eLearning site to access this course. Note: If it’s your first time visiting this portal, you’ll need to create a new account. 

Canadian Electricity Association videos - Electrical Safety for First Responders

This course includes a series of videos from the Canadian Electricity Association and discussion guides developed by FortisBC.

Watch the videos and use the course materials below:

Natural gas safety education 

Responding to Natural Gas Emergencies is a course we created in partnership with the Canadian Gas Association and Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, to provide safety information for first responders.

This course will be provided to all fire training officers upon request. It includes a discussion of the properties and behaviour of natural gas and how it’s distributed, as well as interactive sessions using video scenarios of emergency response situations and procedures.

For more information, contact Ian Turnbull, FortisBC’s damage prevention and emergency services manager.