Understanding your natural gas bill

It’s important you understand your bill, from knowing how to read it to the factors that affect your natural gas use and what causes higher bills. 

Reading your natural gas bill

View a sample bill that explains the different items that could appear on the natural gas or propane bill for your home or business.

How to read your natural gas bill

Managing your natural gas use

Understanding how much energy you use and when can help you take control and manage your bills better.

Managing your natural gas use

Is your natural gas bill high?

If your natural gas bill is higher than you expected, there are a number of reasons that could explain why.

Why your natural gas bill may be high

Clean Growth Innovation Fund

Our Clean Growth Innovation Fund will allow us to invest an additional $4.9 million per year in innovative projects such as Renewable Natural Gas initiatives, to reduce emissions for a cleaner tomorrow. These projects will be funded in partnerships with government and industry.