Business development with Indigenous partners

With the social, economic and cultural interests of Indigenous communities in mind, we’re working together on initiatives such as increasing energy efficiency for homes and buildings and supporting access to economic and employment opportunities for Indigenous People.

Reaching new understandings

We signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the BC First Nations Energy and Mining Council in 2012, making energy self-sufficiency for Indigenous communities a priority, such as helping communities hire certified energy auditors to assist communities with energy efficiency programs. 

This is the first time a privately held energy company has signed such a memorandum in BC. The memorandum continues to inform how we operate and continues to help strengthen our relationships with Indigenous communities.

Building opportunities

PAR Committed

We want Indigenous businesses and communities to benefit from economic and employment opportunities that FortisBC provides. We are proud to be non-Indigenous members of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) and support its mission to advance sustainable relationships between Indigenous Peoples and businesses in Canada.

As a CCAB Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) Committed member, we strive for continuous improvement in leadership actions, business development, employment and community relationships.

First nations emergency services society indigenous firefighter training (18-150.11)

Supporting community safety

We are proud to support the First Nations Emergency Services Society, which delivers services and resources to Indigenous communities that have limited or no access to first responders. At the Esquimalt Safety Expo in 2018, we sponsored a firefighter competition and two days of intensive fire and equipment training that brought together volunteer firefighters from Indigenous communities across BC. The knowledge and skills they developed will help them prepare for and respond to emergencies that threaten people, homes and livelihoods in remote areas. 

Collaborating for a bright future

Out of numerous proposals received, the Upper Nicola Band and Okanagan Nation Alliance decided to partner with FortisBC on a 15-megawatt clean energy project. The proposed solar project could produce enough electricity to supply power to nearly 5,000 homes and will be the largest solar farm in Western Canada. This is a community-led project, and we’re providing support to the Upper Nicola Band as they move this project forward.

Learn more

Read our blog or our corporate report for more information about how we work with Indigenous communities.