Appliance maintenance rebates

Annual servicing helps maintain the life expectancy of your natural gas appliances and also ensures they’re operating safely and efficiently. Now you could qualify for rebates of up to $135* when you have your natural gas furnace or boiler, tankless water heater and fireplace(s) serviced. And for applying online, we’ll give you a $10 bonus. But hurry, as the program ends November 30, 2019. 

Rebate details* 

Appliance Rebate
Furnace or boiler $25
Natural gas fireplace $25 (maximum two)
Tankless water heater $50
Bonus for applying online $10

*Maximum rebate is $135 when you have either a furnace or boiler, two fireplaces and one tankless water heater service, plus the bonus for applying online. 

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Why appliance maintenance is important

Having your natural gas appliances serviced by a Technical Safety BC licensed natural gas contractor has numerous benefits. These include: 

  • Safety—a gas contractor will inspect the area around your appliances to help ensure there is proper ventilation and no combustibles are nearby.
  • Efficiency—regular maintenance helps ensure your system operates at optimal energy-efficiency standards.
  • Longevity—a gas contractor can identify any worn parts and replace them before they fail, which helps sustain your equipment’s safe functioning and lifespan.
  • Air quality—a gas contractor can check your furnace filter, show you how to replace it and recommend how often.
  • Warranty—most manufacturers require regular servicing to ensure your warranty remains valid.

What your maintenance appointment should include

When you book an appointment with a contractor, ask if the service includes a natural gas safety check and if the employee performing the work is a Technical Safety BC certified gas fitter. During the service, ask if all gas components are working properly and safely. While not limited to the following, here’s what your services should include:


  • checking the operation of the safety limit controls, temperature set points, thermostat, blower, pressure switches, ignition and venting system
  • removing and cleaning the blower
  • inspecting the heat exchanger and burner
  • in older models only: lubricating the blower and motor bearings, and removing and cleaning the burner


  • checking the operation of the safety limit controls, pressure relief valve, water pressure, venting system temperature set points and radiant floor temperature control device
  • in older models only: lubricating the circulating pump, and removing and cleaning the burners 


  • cleaning the interior of the glass 
  • inspecting the burner, gas valve, ignition system, door gaskets, venting and air openings

Tankless water heater

  • checking operating and safety controls
  • testing ignition device and burner operation, clean as required
  • examining vent connector and venting system
  • flushing out heat exchanger as per manufacturer's instructions

For more details, see the Technical Safety BC complete service checklist

Apply now

Once your service is complete, apply online for your rebate by November 30, 2019. 

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