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FortisBC is working to bring natural gas to Revelstoke

Sep 23, 2014

LNG makes cleaner energy available to Interior B.C. mountain resort community

REVELSTOKE, BC – Residents in Revelstoke could enjoy more stable energy bills and cleaner burning fuel, pending the results of an evaluation by FortisBC to convert the community from propane to natural gas.

FortisBC is evaluating the economic and technical viability and engaging with customers in Revelstoke about how the conversion could be done. Essentially, the community’s current propane system would be upgraded to natural gas. LNG would be transported to Revelstoke from the Lower Mainland. In much the same way as the current propane system, LNG would be stored, then vapourized and piped into the system as needed.

“Bringing the benefits of natural gas to Revelstoke has been discussed for years, but connecting the community to existing gas lines simply wasn’t viable,” said Doug Stout, FortisBC’s vice-president, market development and external relations. “However, LNG has opened the door to powering remote communities with natural gas, and we believe Revelstoke may be a good fit. The proposed project is an example of the versatility of LNG and the positive impact it can have for communities in British Columbia.”

A conversion is expected to benefit the community through lower rates and access to natural gas efficiency programs. Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning, most efficient fuels available.

“Many of us in Revelstoke are drawn here by the natural beauty and lifestyle of the area. To have natural gas powering Revelstoke would mean residents and businesses can reduce their carbon footprint,” said Revelstoke Mayor David Raven. “Having a cleaner burning fuel that’s more affordable is a win-win for our community.”

A safe and reliable supply of natural gas would also have a positive impact on businesses in the city, especially those using a large amount of energy as part of their daily operation, like Downie Timber Ltd.

“We’re committed to responsible environmental stewardship and ongoing improvements and development of our manufacturing facilities,” said Alan Smythe, operations manager of the Downie Timber sawmill. “FortisBC’s plan to bring natural gas to the community would help us with both of those goals.”

LNG is already being successfully used to power remote northern communities. For example, the town of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories has successfully converted their primary power generating facility from diesel to LNG supplied from FortisBC’s Tilbury LNG facility.

“Natural gas is a safe and reliable energy source, which is why it’s a sought after energy choice in B.C., and around the world,” said Stout. “We are actively working with the provincial government and the BC Utilities Commission to find ways to bring natural gas to more communities.”


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