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At your door?

​What you need to know

Since the launch of the Customer Choice program on May 1, 2007, natural gas marketing companies have been selling fixed-term, fixed-rate contracts to residential customers. These companies often employ commissioned sales people to sell these contracts door-to-door.

Here are some helpful tips for when a salesperson knocks on your door:

  • Ask what company the salesperson represents and request to see his or her company ID.  Independent gas marketers and salespeople must clearly identify the company they represent, and provide you with proof of licensing and bonding. A FortisBC employee who visits your home will always carry photo identification you can ask to see.
  • Remember that your FortisBC bill contains personal information so be cautious about showing it to a salesperson.
  • Ensure you read and understand the details of the marketer’s offer before signing an agreement. You have two choices: 1. Take no action and continue to buy your natural gas from FortisBC at a variable rate; 2. Sign a fixed-term, fixed-rate Consumer Agreement with a gas marketer.

    There is a 10-day cancellation period during which you can cancel your agreement without penalty. The deadline for contacting your gas marketer is included in your confirmation letter from FortisBC.
  • The choice is yours whether or not to purchase your gas through a gas marketer. FortisBC will continue providing you with gas service if you choose not to sign a contract.

If you believe a salesperson has misrepresented themselves, please contact the BC Utilities Commission.