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Conservation and Energy Management

Conservation and Energy Management
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Osprey Management Program

Osprey Management Program
Osprey Management Program Osprey nest camera The birds are back!
To prevent

Electricity system safety

These programs outline our regular safety and maintenance activities, including: renewing and upgrading our system conducting inspections of the rights-of-way to check for damage and third-party activity near our equipment conducting annual

Natural gas pipeline safety

FortisBC’s Integrity Management Plan Our Integrity Management Plan is the main tool we use to ensure the integrity of our transmission and distribution systems.
The Integrity Management Plan outlines our regular safety

North America’s First Closed-Loop Waste Management System Opens in Surrey

North America’s First Closed-Loop Waste Management System Opens in Surrey
The $68 million facility is the first fully integrated closed-loop organic waste management system in North America.

Why are we trimming and removing trees?

Some of the trees and other vegetation near our natural gas lines and electric power lines create safety and reliability issues, so we hire skilled contractors to remove vegetation that could be problematic.
Ensure the wires

Environmental protection

Pest management Pest management helps improve the safety and reliability of our systems while protecting environmentally sensitive areas and land uses and reducing the spread of noxious weeds, invasive plants and other pests.

Gas line maintenance

When planning what to plant, consider how far both the roots and the vegetation may spread and if that may present a hazard to nearby utility lines.
If we find potentially hazardous vegetation, we hire skilled, trained

Energy specialist - frequently asked questions

Upon request, submit your natural gas energy management plan to us.
We will interview you regarding your natural gas energy management plan to determine eligibility.

FortisBC Huntingdon Inc. (HIPCO) natural gas facilities

Huntingdon Inc. facilities management HIPCO subcontracts to FortisBC Energy Inc.
Transmission Pipelines Emergency Response Plan FortisBC Corporate Emergency Response Plan FortisBC Emergency Management Program We’re here to help

From floods to fires — how we stay prepared every day

Sandulak, manager, emergency management and business continuity programs at FortisBC.
T.M. and his Emergency Management team are responsible for making sure the company is ready for anything.

Resource plans for electricity

Resource plans for electricity 2016 Long Term Electric Resource Plan and Long Term Demand-Side Management Plan Natural gas

Social housing retrofit support program

The engineering consultant will guide you through the various aspects of the retrofit, such as project management, project specification and RFP, engaging contractors to install equipment (these costs are separate from this funding) and

Construction is underway: what you need to know

In addition to installing new pipes and power lines, you’ll see crews assessing areas for future projects, inspecting lines for upcoming maintenance and clearing utility corridors and rights-of-way of trees and other vegetation that if left

Careers, training and education for Indigenous communities

Scholarships and educational grants We are proud to offer a Sustainable Energy Management grant for five students through BCIT.
These grants are available to new Indigenous students in the Sustainable Energy Management

Working in your neighbourhood

This includes upgrading electricity and natural gas lines – which may require crews to work along roads – as well as managing vegetation near our facilities and rights of way.
This includes upgrading electricity and natural gas

Electric BCUC submissions

Electric BCUC submissions Capital expenditure and system development plans Certificate of public convenience and necessity applications Code of

2016 Long term electric resource plan

FBC Response to BCUC IR No. 2 FBC Response to BCOAPO IR No. 2 FBC Response to BCSEA IR No. 2 FBC Response to CEC IR No. 2 FBC Response to Gabana IR No. 2 FBC Response to ICG IR No. 1.1.2 Erratum FFBC Response to ICG IR No. 22

Natural gas and electricity system safety

Natural gas pipeline safety Learn how our Integrity Management Plan ensures the safety and integrity of our natural gas transmission and distribution systems.

Other measurement services

Instrumentation and data services instrument and EVC calibration and repair pipe locator and gas detector testing and maintenance pulse hand-off service calibration of temperature indicators and pressure gauges analysis of odourant sampling, round

Gas energy supply

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FortisBC partners to fund smart energy research chair at UBC Okanagan

“We appreciate the work that UBC Okanagan is doing to advance research and education around energy-efficient buildings as well as the opportunity to be involved,” said Danielle Wensink, director of conservation and energy management for

FortisBC executive leadership

She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Victoria and project management diploma from the University of British Columbia.
He has operated in a variety of engineering, planning, operations and senior

Measurement services

Other measurement services We also offer instrumentation and data services, Automated Meter Reading (AMR) technology services, asset/meter fleet management, meter set design, measurement research and development, and more—find out how we

Transportation gas marketers in BC

Company Phone Email Absolute Energy Inc. 604-376-0476 Access Gas Services 604-519-0862 Campus Energy Partners 1-877-472-2600 Cascadia Energy Ltd. 604-687-6663

FortisBC Energy Inc. gas submissions

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Natural gas resource planning

The Long Term Gas Resource Plan: looks ahead 20 years to identify energy supply requirements, infrastructure needs and opportunities to manage demand examines the resource options available to FortisBC, including the amount of energy supply we can

Natural gas projects and planning

Media contacts 1-855-FBC-NEWS or 1-855-322-6397 Energy solutions for transportation FortisBC Alternative Energy Services Talking Energy - FortisBC's projects Link to Facebook Link to Twitter Link to Instagram

Capital expenditure and system development plan

This plan will allow FortisBC to replace its aging electrical infrastructure and meet increasing load requirements (driven by population growth and new commercial activities), while maintaining its focus on the key areas of safety, customer service,

Power line safety

Look for wires hidden in tree branches or vegetation and stay away from any trees in contact with a power line, as anyone touching or standing near the tree could get an electric shock.

Pipeline and right of way permits

Activities that require our approval, but not a permit planting flower beds, vegetable gardens, lawns or low shrubbery (under 1.8 metres at maturity and not to be planted within one metre of a natural gas

FortisBC recognizes Island Health emission reductions with new boiler upgrade at Eagle Park Lodge

“Island Health continues to be very progressive in managing their energy use, making them a great example of what can be achieved when industry, healthcare and government work together,” said Danielle Wensink, director, energy conservation

Electricity facilities and operations

These facilities are either owned by FortisBC, or owned by others and operated and maintained under management agreements in both regulated and non-regulated environments.