Helping landlords shrink their long-term costs

May 10, 2018


Many landlords across B.C. are dealing with aging rental buildings, and some unpleasant realities are looming: massive renovations will soon be required. But this necessary investment also presents an opportunity for long-term savings.

The cure for high heating costs

“A lot of these older buildings have central heating systems, so landlords include heating costs with the tenants’ rent, and then subsidize that cost,” says John Drazic, a FortisBC regional energy solutions manager.

“Because tenants aren’t paying directly for the cost of heating their unit, they may turn up the heat unnecessarily while leaving windows open. That’s why we recommend innovative gas in-suite solutions, like direct-vent wall furnaces. FortisBC can individually meter the suites, so each tenant is responsible for the energy they use.”

Gas wall furnaces are small and quickly installed, with no ductwork or chimney required. They have safety features like child locks, and they remain cool to the touch. One unit can easily heat a 1,200 square foot apartment. Larger suites can benefit from the use of multiple wall furnaces, allowing users to keep the heat on in the space they’re using while keeping heat down in other areas of the home.

A win-win heating solution for landlords & tenants

Space and water heating typically account for more than 70 per cent of a home’s energy costs, so choosing an affordable energy source for heating is critical. Gas is about one third the cost of electricity, which makes it ideal.

“We suggested gas wall furnaces for one building a developer was constructing,” John said. “We followed up with him and asked how it worked out, and he said ‘my tenants love their gas wall heaters and tankless water heaters.’ He’s happy, they’re happy. The tenants love the comfort and affordability of gas, and he’s not paying for their heat.”

Gas wall furnace rebate

There’s never been a better time to get a gas wall furnace—FortisBC has a limited time $700 rebate.

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