FortisBC Renewable Natural Gas Leaders

We developed Renewable Natural Gas1 in 2011 in response to our customers who were seeking a low-carbon2 fuel option. We thank all of our Renewable Natural Gas customers for helping us expand to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in BC.

We recognize our business customers here as leaders, showing other businesses in their industry how to make a difference by supporting the growth of sustainable energy in BC.

FortisBC Renewable Natural Gas Leaders


​Organization: City of Richmond
Member since: December 1, 2012


Organization: Roberts Creek Community Association
Member since: February 1, 2016  


Organization: Stirling House Inc.
Member since: January 1, 2013  


​Organization: The Max Tire Centre Ltd.
Member since: February 2014


​Organization: Amex Doors and Moulding Ltd
Member since: February 2013


​Organization: Canadian Mattress Recycling Inc.
Member since: December 2015


​Organization: Correct Solutions Inc.
Member since: March 2014


​Organization: Glenco Electric Ltd
Member since: July 2012


​Organization: CH Pro Chemical Inc. 
Member since: July 2017


​Organization: Chilliwack Hop Farms Ltd. 
Member since: August 2017


​Organization: Newway Concrete Ltd.
Member since: December 2012


​Organization: A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. (head office)
Member since: January 2016


​Organization: Canadian Pizza Plus
Member since: October 2013


​Organization: Chambar Belgian Restaurant
Member since: January 2017 


Organization: Choices Markets
Member since: November 2016


​Organization: Dosanko Restaurant Inc.
Member since: July 2017


Organization: Ideal Work Shop LTD
Member since: October 2013


​Organization: Jace Holdings Ltd.
Member since: May 2012


​Organization: R C Purdy Chocolate Ltd.
Member since: June 2016

“Signing up for Renewable Natural Gas is really easy. You’re working with a trusted partner in FortisBC, and it’s not just benefiting your own company, it’s benefiting the community.”—Duncan Johnston, CFO 


​Organization: Stillhead Distillery Inc.
Member since: July 2017


​Organization: Toedam Enterprise Canada Inc.
Member since: March 2013


​Organization: Van Houtte Coffee Services Inc.
Member since: March 2012

As a customer of FortisBC for over 15 years, Van Houtte has participated in the company’s Spray ‘n Save program, which promotes energy efficiency at the water tap. So when Morten Schroder, VP of operations, was approached by FortisBC to sign Van Houtte up for Renewable Natural Gas, it was a natural link for him.
Morten explains that Van Houtte is a company with an environmental conscience. “We have a number of programs in place to help protect the environment.” From simple habit-changing initiatives like turning off lights upon exiting a room, to bigger changes like replacing delivery vehicles with compact models, Van Houtte is attempting to shrink its carbon footprint one step at a time. With a keen eye towards minimizing waste and reusing resources wherever possible, Morten could see the like-minded values between Van Houtte and FortisBC. More than that, Morten felt compelled to do the right thing.
"We have a responsibility to the environment, a duty. We are always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint: [Renewable Natural Gas] is just another way we’re doing that," In the short term, Morten believes his customers will appreciate the effort. For the long term, he expects it to be better for business. "We want to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We can’t afford not to. In the end, it will benefit us all."


​Organization: 7mesh Industries Incorp.
Member since: December 2013


​Organization: Amex Doors and Moulding Ltd
Member since: August 2017


​Organization: Beyond Paradise Day Spa and Nails Ltd.
Member since: December 2012


Organization: Canada Ticket Inc.
Member since: October 2015

"With Canada Ticket having zero manufacturing waste going to landfill’s or down the drain and operating one of BC’s largest PV solar systems we were extremely excited to be able to add our Natural Gas consumption to the list of environmental and sustainability efforts.  We strongly believe that participating in a program such as this is necessary for companies such as FortisBC to move forward with developing and marketing renewable resources.“—Wally Robins, CEO


Organization: Cuisine Talent Ent. Ltd.
Member since: November 2013


​Organization: Great Canadian Railtour Company Ltd
Member since: May 2016


​Organization: Hemlock Printers Ltd.
Member since: May 2012

"As a carbon neutral printer, we pay attention to the social and environmental impacts of our business. Through our purchase of FortisBC Renewable Natural Gas, we're able to take another step in reducing the carbon footprint of our print services, and we’re honoured to be a Green Leader."—Richard Kouwenhoven, Senior VP of Customer Service and Business Development 


​Organization: Highangle Contracting Inc.
Member since: September 2014


​Organization: Langley Cheer Athletics Ltd.
Member since: August 2014


​Organization: Lush Manufacturing Ltd.
Member since: May 2017

84X84_Tower logo final on black

Organization: Tower Fitness Equipment Services Inc.
Member since: December 2012


​Organization: TransLink
Member since: April 2019

Become a FortisBC Renewable Natural Gas Leader

If you're a Renewable Natural Gas business customer, you can join the FortisBC Renewable Natural Gas Leader program. Email [email protected] for more information.

1Renewable Natural Gas (also called RNG or biomethane) is produced in a different manner than conventional natural gas. It is derived from biogas, which is produced from decomposing organic waste from landfills, agricultural waste and wastewater from treatment facilities. The biogas is captured and cleaned to create Renewable Natural Gas.

2When compared to the lifecycle carbon intensity of conventional natural gas. The burner tip emission factor of FortisBC’s current Renewable Natural Gas (also called RNG or biomethane) portfolio is 0.29 grams of carbon dioxide equivalent per megajoule of energy (gCO2e/MJ). FortisBC’s current RNG portfolio lifecycle emissions are -22 gCO2e/MJ. This is below B.C.’s low carbon threshold for lifecycle carbon intensity of 36.4 gCO2e/MJ as set out in the 2021 B.C. Hydrogen Strategy.