Rethinking BC’s lower carbon future

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How do we lower greenhouse gas emissions while meeting BC’s energy needs?

It’s possible when we rethink how to make the best use of all our energy sources. So we created a long-term plan for our role in how we'll help BC achieve its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions targets. We call it our Clean Growth Pathway to 2050. We also commissioned a report through a globally recognized energy consultancy to help us better understand the various lower carbon pathways that make sense for BC's 2050 climate targets. The report explained that by combining the strengths of our electricity, natural gas and thermal energy infrastructure, British Columbia could achieve its GHG emissions reduction target. As we’ve proven in the past, by working with our residential customers, communities, businesses of all sizes and industries, good things happen when we all work towards a cleaner energy future together.

Our 30 per cent GHG emissions reduction goal

There’s an urgent need to reduce GHG emissions globally and our responsibility starts here at home in British Columbia. So as we work toward our plan for a Clean Growth Pathway to 2050, we’re measuring our progress with a tangible milestone of reducing our customers’ emissions by 30 per cent by the year 2030—we call it 30BY30. We’ve developed innovative ways to meet climate challenges in the past, and our 30BY30 is no different.

Our goal is to harness the collective power of our 1.2 million customers, while engaging our community, business, industry and government partners, to help guide a cleaner and affordable energy future for all British Columbians. Now that’s energy at work.

Discover how we plan to achieve our 30BY30 target in the next decade.

More ways we’re producing Renewable Natural Gas

See how wastewater treatment plants, landfills and a wood waste facility are generating Renewable Natural Gas from organic waste.

30BY30 RNG progress

Energy conservation today means a cleaner tomorrow

Discover how energy-efficiency rebates and innovative solutions are helping to reduce GHG emissions and energy costs for homes, businesses and industry.

30BY30 energy conservation progress

Low and zero-emission vehicles are driving our diversified energy future

Find out how we’re building a transportation industry infrastructure, one low- and zero-carbon energy alternative at a time.

30BY30 transportation progress

Liquefied natural gas drives innovation in carbon reduction

Learn how fuelling ships with liquefied natural gas helps reduce global GHG emissions at port and at sea.

30BY30 LNG progress

Energy Pathways Report

Learn how BC can achieve a transition to a lower carbon energy system by leveraging both eletcric and natural gas infrastructure.

Energy Pathways Report

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