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Home energy calculator

​FortisBC has developed the home energy calculator, which includes the energy comparison and appliance cost tools, to assist users in comparing home energy costs and identifying estimated annual energy costs for a number of appliances. The home energy calculator is an illustrative tool for information purposes only. Actual energy costs and usage may differ from the home energy calculator results due to fuel costs, appliance efficiency, lifestyle and energy efficiency measures incorporated into the household. 

FortisBC makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or applicability of home energy calculator results with respect to a particular home or residence. As well, users should note that the home energy calculator is hosted by a third party, which requires users to be redirected to the third party's website when using these tools.

By using the home energy calculator, I acknowledge the above and understand that my actual energy consumption and costs may vary.   

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Note: some versions of the Safari browser are not supported by the home energy calculator. If you encounter issues with the calculator, please use an alternative browser such as Chrome or Internet Explorer.