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ThermoLift and FortisBC launch first residential gas heat pump field trials

Jul 8, 2021

STONY BROOK, NY, July 08, 2021 – ThermoLift Inc, a New York-based energy innovator, and FortisBC Energy Inc (FortisBC), an energy solutions provider supplying natural gas, electricity and renewable energy to over one million customers in British Columbia, will soon begin real-world field tests of residential fuel-flexible heat pumps for single family homes, the first pilot in North America.

If the TC3 performs as well in field trials as it did in Thermolift’s lab settings, the TC3 will reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and associated energy costs by as much as half, and be pivotal in meeting more stringent federal and local GHG reduction targets and pending energy efficiency legislation. For example, it has the potential to meet the aspirational goals of the Pan Canadian Framework, a Canadian government plan requiring that all new space and water heating systems in residential properties operate with efficiencies of 100 percent or greater by 2035.

“That’s a tall order,” said Jim Kobialko, program manager of innovative technologies & projects, FortisBC. “But after seeing how these performed in lab settings, we’re optimistic that these new natural gas heat pump technologies are going to be key to reaching efficiencies greater than 100 percent and fill a much-needed gap in the marketplace.”

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