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FortisBC supports homes of tomorrow

Mar 31, 2016

KELOWNA, BC – FortisBC is proud to support an innovative energy-efficiency research project involving industry, UBC and Okanagan College that broke ground in Kelowna’s Wilden subdivision.

Known as the Wilden Living Lab, the project will see two homes constructed on separate building lots. One home will be built to current building code standards and The Home of Tomorrow will incorporate a number of additional energy-efficient features.

FortisBC will help fund the three-year project as well as assist in selecting energy-efficient appliances and lighting, supply advanced metering for accurate and timely consumption monitoring and provide access to the net metering program to credit the homeowner for any excess electricity produced by the solar panels.

“FortisBC appreciates the leadership that UBC, Okanagan College and their industry partners have shown in this initiative,” says Danielle Wensink, director, conservation and energy management, FortisBC. “Utility costs are an important consideration for families; projects like this help move the market towards more energy-efficient homes which will help families reduce energy costs.”

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