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Appliance maintenance key to safety this winter

Feb 1, 2016

SURREY, BC – FortisBC would like to remind you that carbon monoxide (CO) is produced when fuels are burned incompletely; tobacco smoking, idling gasoline-powered vehicles and the burning of oil, coal, wood, charcoal, kerosene, propane or natural gas can all produce carbon monoxide.

One of the best ways to avoid problems with CO is to make sure all of your household appliances are regularly serviced. 

In addition to having a licensed gas contractor registered with the BC Safety Authority, install, inspect and service your natural gas appliances and check vents regularly, you can reduce the risk of CO poisoning by following some simple guidelines, including:

  • making sure your contractor uses a licensed gas fitter
  • ALWAYS keeping your furnace fan compartment doors and/or filter access panel in place
  • checking that outside air ducts are clear and cleaning bug screens before every heating season
  • ensuring all vent hoods and piles from fuel burning equipment are in place and secure
  • ensuring an external vent is used for all gas appliances that are designed to be vented
  • installing a CO alarm

To find a licensed gas contractor visit our Trade Ally Network  and take a look at the safety section of our website for more CO safety tips.