Appliance maintenance rebates


The appliance maintenance rebates eligible service deadline has been extended to November 30, 2023. All applications must be received by December 31, 2023. 


Now is a good time to have your gas appliances serviced. You could get up to $125 in rebates1 if you have the work completed by a licensed gas contractor between July 1 and November 30, 2023 and apply online for your rebate by December 31, 2023.

Rebate details1 

Furnace or boiler service$25
Fireplace service$25 (maximum of two)
Tankless water heater service$50

Review the terms and conditions to ensure you’re eligible.

What you need to know about appliance maintenance service

Annual servicing helps maintain the life expectancy of your gas appliances and ensures they’re operating safely and efficiently. Additionally, most appliance manufacturers require regular servicing to maintain appliance warranties.

Simple visual inspections don’t qualify for these rebates, so when you book your appointment with a licensed gas contractor, ask for the service to include a safety check and that the employee performing the work is a Technical Safety BC certified gas fitter.

During the service, ask if all gas components are working properly and safely. Visit our appliance maintenance and safety page to learn more about what your furnace or boiler, fireplace and tankless water heater service should include.

Note: the rebate application link below takes you to Account login. Once you've registered and/or logged in you can start your rebate application. Hint: we recommend using Google Chrome® for the best experience.

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We’re here to help 

If you have questions about our rebates, call 1-855-909-2329 or email [email protected].

1Maximum rebate is $125 when you have either a furnace or boiler, one tankless water heater and up to two fireplaces serviced by a licensed gas contractor. Storage tank water heaters are not eligible for this rebate. Outdoor fireplaces are not eligible for this rebate. Residents of strata units are only eligible if their unit is individually metered. Natural gas accounts held in a strata corporation’s name are not eligible.