Want to save money, maintain the life of gas appliances and stay cosy?

September 14, 2020


The time has come to take a break from our air conditioners and prepare our heating systems for the cooler weather.

Servicing your natural gas appliances now means you can be prepared for winter and avoid emergencies in the middle of heating season. That way when the day comes to turn them on, they won’t let you down.


Why is regular appliance maintenance important?

Just like us, appliances need checkups too. You want to make sure your furnace, boiler and fireplace are in good working order before the cooler BC months.

And while you’re at it, you can also have the contractor service your natural gas tankless water heater.

Annual maintenance is a great way to make sure your appliances are operating safely and at optimal performance. The contractor will properly inspect the safety controls and make sure the appliances are venting properly.

Additionally, regular servicing helps prolong the life of your appliances and decreases the likelihood of it failing. Contractors may notice small problems and fix them before major ones occur.

Who's qualified to maintain my appliances?

When you’re ready for your servicing appointment, hiring a licensed Technical Safety BC contractor is a great starting point. They can help make sure your service includes essential elements required to maintain your appliances.

Don’t have a contractor in mind? You can find a licensed natural gas contractor in your area through FortisBC’s Trade Ally Network directory.


We’ve got appliance maintenance rebates

Thank you for your interest in the Appliance Maintenance Program. Unfortunately, rebates are not currently offered at this time.

Visit our appliance maintenance and safety page to learn more about what your furnace or boiler, fireplace and tankless water heater service should include.