Two dedicated leaders demonstrate a culture of belonging

March 6, 2024

Michelle Carman and Andrea Cadogan together with a purple background and the International Women’s Day logo.

March 8 marks International Women’s Day, a global movement celebrating the achievements of women, and a call to action for accelerating gender equality. We foster an environment where every individual is valued, respected and empowered to contribute and be their best. In recognition of this year’s International Women’s Day theme of #InspireInclusion, we sat down with two members of our leadership team to learn about the actions they’re taking to inspire inclusion and cultivate a culture of belonging where employees can connect, belong and grow.

Inspiring inclusion on International Women’s Day and every day 

The energy sector is an interesting, diverse and complex environment. To better understand the ever-evolving industry and the multitude of career paths available within it, we asked two women from our leadership team what inspired them to purse and grow their careers in the energy sector.

For Michelle Carman, vice president of customer service and external communications, it was a combination of factors that led her to this dynamic industry. Right out of university, she sought stability and the opportunity to join a well-known organization deeply rooted in the community. Little did she know that this decision would open doors to an incredible and invigorating career in the energy industry. Through various opportunities and projects in multiple parts of the organization early in her career, she discovered her passion for providing customers with the service they need to meet their energy needs. The complex and fascinating environment captivated her, leading her to stay and thrive in an industry she hadn't initially sought out. Michelle acknowledges that her proactive approach played a significant role in shaping her career. She actively sought out opportunities, constantly asking herself how she could learn more. This drive and initiative led her to work with and learn from early mentors who were passionate, committed to their work and who led with integrity and an inclusive approach.

Mentors gave me an opportunity early on to learn firsthand that inclusion is a shared responsibility. We all need to show up, create space for others to be themselves and remove gender stereotypes and limitations.

Michelle Carman, vice president, customer service and external communications

For Andrea Cadogan, vice president of people, the complex, diverse and rewarding aspects of the energy industry have made it the most interesting sector she’s worked in. Reflecting on her career journey, Andrea has enjoyed a diverse mix of industries and businesses, including entertainment, advertising and fashion retail before she found her calling in the energy sector. What stands out for her the most is the people she has had the privilege of working with. Witnessing their successes and contributing to their development has been the driving force behind her passion for her role.

I'm proud to be a part of an organization that truly embodies the spirit of diversity and inclusion, making positive and meaningful impacts on the energy sector and the communities we serve.

Andrea Cadogan, vice president, people

For women aspiring to enter the energy sector Andrea and Michelle shared some words of encouragement, “be bold, be curious and embrace opportunities for continuous learning. The energy sector is full of opportunities, and unique perspectives are an asset in driving positive change in this dynamic industry.”

As the energy sector continues to evolve, we’re grateful for leaders who advocate for progress and innovation.

Advancing our culture of belonging 

With more than 2,600 employees across the province, we recognize that our people are the energy behind our success, and we are committed to an inclusive, diverse and equitable workforce. We have many inspiring women in our organization to thank for the incredible achievements and innovations that have helped us to grow and succeed. Ensuring there are opportunities for women at all levels of the organization is an important aspect of advancing an inclusive workforce.

“When we show up for and support each other, we create a better place to work and ultimately create a better experience for our customers as a result," said Michelle.

Advancing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is more than just a program or an initiative. It’s about embedding these concepts into all aspects of our organization.

“For years now our DEI approach has been based on the fact that progress is only achievable if we integrate those values into the fabric of our organization,” explained Andrea. “This is why we’ve taken significant strides in weaving DEI into our leadership strategy, our structure and environment, metrics and reporting and lastly our processes and systems.”

Each year, we establish and deliver on our DEI action plan that covers key actions across five focus areas to deliver lasting impact. These include:

  • Diversity of our workforce: Looking at our workforce composition and paying attention to representation and recruitment.
  • Equity in employee experience: Understanding how to better sustain our workforce by focusing on equity in the areas of pay, advancement opportunities and employee experience.
  • Inclusive leadership: Putting the power of inclusion in the hands of our people, and paying attention to enhancing inclusive leadership through training, workforce planning and team building.
  • Workforce well-being: Focusing on our workforce needs and creating spaces for employees to share their authentic selves by advancing safety, intentional connections, community building and physical environment.
  • Community well-being: Advancing our commitment to sustainability through strengthening relationships and partnerships with local communities, Indigenous communities, stakeholders and business organizations to help our communities grow and prosper.

How you can get involved 

It’s an exciting time to be part of the energy industry in British Columbia. We’ve worked hard to build a company where everyone is respected and valued–embracing a diverse team with varied backgrounds, experiences and perspectives not only enriches our work environment but also fuels creativity and innovation. You might be surprised at the diverse range of opportunities you can explore with us as we lead B.C.’s clean energy transformation.

We’ve got opportunities for growth in a multitude of career paths across the province. And each role–each person–is recognized as part of the energy that helps our business grow and succeed.