Connect your project to natural gas

Planning how to add, move, remove or upgrade natural gas service at your construction or renovation site can help your project run smoothly. Plus, you may qualify for financial incentives for installing natural gas piping and appliances in your development.

Plan for construction

We have online service request tools to help you find out if natural gas is available at your location, get a cost estimate for installation and schedule your service.

Request a natural gas line

A service line and meter must be installed to connect the building to a natural gas main. Contractors requesting service on behalf of a homeowner can submit the request under their company name, and then the homeowner will need to open a new FortisBC account after installation is complete. Please allow for at least three to six weeks of lead time. Some requests may take longer or require more planning. Learn more about requesting a gas line.

Move or remove a natural gas line

If you’re demolishing a building and need to have your natural gas service removed or moved due to grade changes or renovations, contact us as soon as possible to request moving or removing a gas line. We’ll need two to six weeks for service removal requests, or six to eight weeks for moves. The process may take longer if more planning is required.

Upgrade existing natural gas service

If you’re adding natural gas appliances that will increase the amount of natural gas being used, call us to request a larger meter or different sized regulator. We’ll need to know the gas fitter’s name and phone number, the delivery pressure required, and the total load in British Thermal Units (BTU). We’ll determine your needs and let you know the process and timeline. 

Developer Design Build Program: Natural Gas

This program allows builders and developers to work directly with an approved design and engineering service provider and an approved civil contractor on the design and installation of natural gas mains and services. This can help projects move forward faster and could save you time and money.

Learn more about Developer Design Build Program for natural gas projects.

Tools for building with natural gas

Connecting your development to natural gas can help you save construction costs and offer your customers the comfort, convenience and cost savings of natural gas appliances.


Give your customers the option of adding natural gas appliances later by installing piping in your development before the walls are finished. For example, consider pre-piping to the kitchen, living room or a quick connect on the patio to make it easy for them to add a range, fireplace or natural gas barbecue. Learn more about the benefits of pre-piping for natural gas.

Suite metering

We offer piping and individual metering for secondary suites and multi-unit residential building (e.g. condos) with natural gas appliances in each suite. Suite metering allows you to include the comforts and convenience of natural gas in your home or development, and you or your customers won’t have to subsidize your neighbours’ or tenants’ energy use.

Natural gas appliances and equipment

Most energy used in the home goes toward space and water heating. High-efficiency natural gas heating systems can help your customers save on their energy bills compared to electric equivalents. Learn about the innovative options for natural gas space heating systems in your development as well as energy-efficient, space-saving natural gas water heaters.

If you include natural gas appliances in your development, you can order marketing materials to highlight the benefits to your customers.

We’re here to help

If you have questions about getting natural gas service for your project, contact an energy solutions manager or call us at 1-888-224-2710 (choose Construction Services), Monday-Friday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.