Natural gas metering for multi-unit residential buildings

Today’s homebuyers love the comfort, convenience and value of natural gas appliances, but they don’t want to subsidize their neighbours’ natural gas use. With individual metering for each suite, they won’t have to.

A cost-saving energy solution for you — and your customers

Compared to a common meter for the whole building, suite metering gives homeowners in multi-unit residential buildings control over their own utility costs. This may help reduce strata fees, and they’ll enjoy the significant cost advantage of natural gas over electricity. This offers them another good reason to purchase a new home in your development instead of a common metered building.

Reduce your natural gas piping and meter installation costs

  • We supply and install everything up to, and including, the gas meters. FortisBC invests capital in natural gas appliances and piping.
  • Piping runs to suites are minimized. We work closely with your design team to find strategic meter locations.
  • The total gas load determines our financial contribution. The more natural gas appliances you include, the greater your financial benefit.
  • A suite metering solution can cost the same as a bulk metering installation. This depends on the number of gas features in your development.

We’re here to help

To learn how our financial incentives can make it easier to build with natural gas, contact a FortisBC energy solutions manager.