Natural gas direct-vent wall furnaces: an answer for hard-to-heat areas in your home

January 19, 2018


Are there corners of your home that are always cold or rooms that never seem to be the right temperature?  Do you and your family fight over who controls the thermostat? Perhaps your central heating system isn’t that efficient anymore, but you don’t have the funds to replace it right now?

The solution may be something called a natural gas direct-vent wall furnace.

Wall furnace? What on earth is a wall furnace, you may ask?  Well, here are five things you need to know about natural gas wall furnaces— an innovative way to heat your home:

  1. Wall furnaces can heat your home without conventional ductwork or a chimney. Wall furnaces draw air in and discharge combustion byproducts outside through a vent in the wall. They are permanently installed on the exterior wall of a building, not connected to ductwork and don’t need a chimney.
  2. Wall furnaces can be added to an existing central heating system, or work as a scaled-down system, heating only one room at a time. This makes them wonderfully versatile. 
  3. They’re compact and don’t take up much room in your home. Natural gas wall furnaces can usually be installed on any exterior wall and don’t take up as much room as some portable space heaters do. 
  4. Wall furnaces are economical. They are generally less expensive to install than central furnaces, and each one comes with its own controls – could this mean an end to the thermostat wars?
  5. You’ll have lots of choice with colours and styles - including furniture-style cabinets that blend with any décor.

Learn more about wall furnaces and why right now may be the very best time to get them.

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