Light-duty natural gas vehicle incentives

Customers purchasing a new, factory-built compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle or converting an existing vehicle to CNG may be eligible for a financial incentive.

Incentive calculation

The amount of the incentive would not exceed $10 per gigajoule (or $0.347 per gasoline litre) based on estimated consumption over a one-year period, up to a maximum total depending on the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). For example, the maximum grant for a light-duty vehicle less than 10,000 GVWR is $2,500.

Eligibility requirements

Applicants must be:

  • purchasing a factory-built natural gas vehicle (NGV) or converting a vehicle (five years old or newer) to natural gas that meets federal emissions and air quality requirements. Aftermarket conversion equipment must be installed by qualified shops.
  • purchasing CNG fuel within FortisBC's Lower Mainland service area under Rate 6.

Eligible vehicles include:

  • passenger cars (e.g. Honda Civic GX)
  • pickup trucks (e.g. Ford F150)
  • cargo vans and minivans (e.g. Chevrolet Express Van)
  • forklifts

If you’ve already received an incentive for the vehicle under this program or any other FortisBC program, it won’t be eligible for further incentives.

This incentive program offers limited funding for medium and heavy-duty vehicles; however, we recommend commercial fleet operators first apply under our medium and heavy-duty fleet incentive program.

How to apply

  • Review the terms and conditions on the application, and complete and sign the application. You must enclose a copy of the:
    • BC Motor Vehicle Branch registration, and
    • NGV bill of sale or lease agreement or conversion invoice
  • Scan and email the forms and documentation to or mail the forms and documentation to:

    NGT Sales Support
    C&I Marketing
    FortisBC Energy Inc.
    16705 Fraser Hwy
    Surrey, BC V4N 0E8

There is no close date for this program. You should receive an automated email response confirming our receipt of your application and our anticipated response time for processing your application.

Qualified conversion specialists

Qualified conversion specialists who can convert your vehicle to run on CNG include:

CNG fuelling stations

  • View a map of existing CNG fuelling station at CNG Prices.
  • Install a fuelling station at your residence or place of business. For more information on this product please visit ComTech CNG.

Coming soon: incentive funds up to $40 million for Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Interested in fuelling your vehicles with FortisBC’s RNG, to reduce your emissions even further?

We’re developing the eligibility requirements, incentive structure and overall terms and conditions for this incentive program, and will be posting them here.