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Safety videos

Know what to do if you smell natural gas?

If you smell rotten or boiled eggs, it could be natural gas. Learn the steps you should take to stay safe.

Make safety a priority

FortisBC takes safety seriously. Learn how we work closely with first responders to keep BC safe.

Tips for buying a new furnace

Buying a new furnace? To ensure a safe, permitted, quality installation you need a professional.

Working with and training first responders

Find out what we do to ensure customer and public safety and how we work with first responders.​

Natural gas, reliable service every day

Get a glimpse into the daily life of one of our crews as they maintain, inspect and upgrade our infrastructure.

Power on! Through fire, floods & storms

When natural disasters cause power outages, FortisBC crews take pride in restoring power as quickly as possible.

Power on! Team effort to keep the power on

It takes a real team effort to power BC communities, ensuring schools, hospitals and local businesses are powered every day.

Blocked sewer line? Call or click before you clear

Call 1-800-474-6886 or visit Watch this video to learn more and stay safe.

Flood safety

Learn how to prepare your home for a flood, and find out what you need to do after a flood to stay safe.

Emergency preparedness: Earthquake safety

Are you prepared? Learn what you need to know to keep your home and family safe.

Call before you dig around in your front or backyard
(for homeowners)

Be safe and avoid costly repairs. Call BC One Call at 1-800-474-6886 (cellular *6886).

Call before you dig
(for contractors)

Contractors: control possible danger for your workers when you dig, drill or excavate.