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Natural gas safety

Appliance safety

Natural gas appliances require regular service.

Click or call before you dig

Before you plant your garden or build a fence, find out where natural gas lines are located underground.

Call before you clear

A blocked sewer could be more complicated.

Carbon monoxide

An odourless gas that could be dangerous if undetected.

Fire and evacuations

In case of forest fires or evacuation, be prepared before, during and after.​

Fireplace maintenance

Your fireplace needs to be serviced regularly.

Furnace maintenance

Servicing your furnace is important so it can work properly.


Gas leaks and odour

Do you know what to do if you smell rotten eggs?

Gas pipe maintenance

Servicing natural gas pipes.


Meter safety

Give your meter the space it needs to work safely and effectively.


Do you need a permit? These are the times you do.


Pipeline safety

Pipeline safety.

Propane safety

How to handle propane safely and what to do in case of a leak.


Right of Way

If you have one or more high pressure natural gas pipelines on your property.