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How-to videos

Quality furnace installation
Learn how to choose a gas contractor and get tips to ensure your new furnace is installed to a quality standard. 
Change your furnace filter
Help maintain the air quality in your home and allow your furnace to work efficiently​.
Install a low-flow showerhead
It's an easy way to conserve hot water.​
Get your furnace serviced
Make sure your furnace is running as efficiently as possible.​
Install insulation
Insulating exposed basement walls is a great way to save.​
Shop for energy-efficient appliances
You'll want to do your homework because there are a lot of options to choose from.​​
Install a faucet aerator
If your faucet isn't a low-flow model, you can still make it one.​​
Install plastic window insulation
A great way to keep heat in and save some money on your heating bill.​​
Shop for a fireplace
An EnerChoice® model will add ambiance to your home while heating it efficiently.​
Insulate outlets
Help seal those mysterious drafts.​​
Weatherstrip your windows
A lot of heat can escape your house through improperly sealed windows.
Program a thermostat
A great way to adjust the heat for when you need it – and when you don't.
Winterize your home
There are plenty of easy steps you can take.
Save on water heating costsHere are some tips to get you started.​
Wrap your hot water pipes
An easy and economical way to save money and energy.​
Weatherstrip a door
A great way to eliminate drafts and keep the heat inside your house.