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Frequently asked questions

Why is FortisBC providing energy conservation assistance to low-income households?

There are many FortisBC programs that offer customers rebate incentives but these programs may not be accessible for low-income customers. The purpose of the Energy Conservation Assistance Program is to help low-income customers lower their energy bills and make their homes more energy efficient.​

Can I apply if I am renting?

Yes, if you rent your home and are both a FortisBC gas, BC Hydro or city of New Westminster customer you may still be eligible for the program. You will need to obtain a completed Landlord Consent Form from your landlord as a part of the application.​

What is a Notice of Assessment?

After you file your yearly income tax return Canada Revenue Agency mails you a Notice of Assessment containing details regarding your income tax and deductions.​

How do I get a copy of my Notice of Assessment?

The Notice of Assessment is automatically mailed to you after you file your income tax return. If you don’t have one, you can register on the Canada Revenue Agency website for a service called ‘My Account’ and request a copy of your Notice of Assessment. If you don’t have web access call Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-8281.​

What if my income (or any qualifying information) changes in the future?

If you have not previously been able to participate in the Energy Conservation Assistance Program, you can reapply if your household situation changes.​

What does combined household income mean?

Combined household income is the combined before-tax income of every household member 18 years and over (from all sources including social assistance payments, disability, employment insurance, etc.).​

What products will be installed in my home?

Every home is different, so your evaluator will look at how your home uses energy to determine what products you’re eligible for. For example, only FortisBC natural gas-heated or BC Hydro electrically-heated single family houses, townhouses and duplexes are eligible for insulation upgrades or a gas furnace replacement. Apartments, mobile homes and homes with other heating fuel types are not eligible for insulation or furnaces. Also, furnace replacement is only available to FortisBC natural gas customers that meet minimum consumption requirements. Furnaces installed are new, ENERGY STAR® certified models and include a programmable thermostat. The warranty for the furnace will be registered in the property owner’s name.

Does everyone who participates receive a new furnace?

​Several factors determine eligibility for the furnace including natural gas consumption, existing products in the home, the layout of the furnace room and ease of installation. Therefore, only a small number of ECAP applicants qualify for a new furnace.


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