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Get natural gas

Need a natural gas line for your home or business?

Request and schedule your natural gas line installation with our online tool:

  • find out if natural gas is available at your location
  • get a cost estimate to have natural gas installed
  • schedule your installation and submit your service request


​Need help? Call us at 1-888-224-2710​.

Rebates up to $2,700 available

Connect to natural gas and install a natural gas heating system or heating and hot water system, and you could be eligible for rebates up to $2,700.


 Why natural gas?


Natural gas offers cost savings, convenience and comfort

Cost savings

Natural gas prices in British Columbia continue to remain near their lowest levels within the last decade. In fact, it’s about one third the cost of electricity.

With natural gas space heating equipment that's up to 98 per cent efficient, you’ll see standout savings when you compare natural gas to other types of fuels or energy choices.

Convenience and comfort

With natural gas, you can enjoy all the benefits that indoor and outdoor natural gas appliances offer. 

Indoor living

Outdoor living

Compare the cost to run your existing heating systems with new natural gas systems.


 Applying for natural gas


5 easy steps to connect to natural gas

Step 1: See if natural gas is available

You can conveniently check to see if natural gas is available online. Or call us at 1-888-224-2710.

Step 2: Hire a natural gas contractor

A licensed natural gas contractor can help you decide which natural gas appliances would be the best fit for your home and which may be eligible for rebates. You'll need to know which appliances you plan on installing prior to applying for a gas service. Your contractor may also be able to help you during your application process. You can search for a licensed gas contractor in your area with our Trade Ally Network directory.

Step 3: Apply for gas

There are two ways to apply for gas:

Apply online
Call us at 1-888-224-2710

Step 4: Connect to gas

FortisBC will send a crew to connect your house to our natural gas main and install a meter. Important information such as how to prepare your site for the crew will be provided when you apply for gas. Our crews will also restore parts of your property impacted by the construction to their original state.

Your licensed natural gas contractor will be responsible for installing the gas lines within your home and connecting to the meter. 

Step 5: Connect your appliances

Have your licensed natural gas contractor connect your natural gas appliances. That’s it, you now begin enjoying all the comfort and convenience that natural gas offers.


 Rebates & offers


We've got rebates to help you save

Whether you’re building or renovating a home, or upgrading or maintaining appliances, we’ve got natural gas rebates and offers to help you save.


 Find a gas contractor


Connecting you to natural gas contractors

Looking for a licensed professional to install or service your natural gas heating systems or appliances?

Search our Trade Ally Network directory of over 400 gas contractors from across the province to find a contractor experienced in natural gas appliance installations and service.

Members of our network that are listed in our directory:

  • possess a minimum of $2 million liability and third-party insurance
  • have a business licence for each community they serve
  • have been in business for a minimum of three years
  • are informed about FortisBC energy efficiency rebates and innovative technologies

 Other service requests


Natural gas service requests

Whether you're moving to a home with natural gas service or you need to add natural gas appliances, we've got helpful information to get you started.