Energy efficiency for rental apartments and accommodations

We can help property managers and owners of eligible apartment buildings, hotels and motels make changes to save money, energy and water at no cost.


The building must:

  1. be a purpose-built rental (apartment building, hotel or motel) containing a minimum of nine units
  2. receive natural gas and/or electricity under a commercial rate class from FortisBC or municipal electricity of Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland and Nelson Hydro
  3. have central electric1 or natural gas water heating 
  4. not be slated for demolition
  5. not have water-efficient showerheads and aerators previously installed in the rental suites

Review all the terms and conditions.

Program details

This program provides qualifying buildings with a free energy assessment and installation of products in each suite to help you and your guests and tenants save energy, water and money. Plus, you can access ongoing support for bigger upgrades.

Free building energy assessment

A building energy assessment with our engineering consultants will help identify no- and low-cost ways to improve your building’s energy efficiency. You’ll also learn about opportunities to save energy and costs through our rebates for upgrading to high-efficiency space and water heating systems.

Free installation of energy- and water-saving products 

In about 15 to 20 minutes per suite, our contractors will install: 

  • a water-efficient showerhead
  • kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators
  • up to 10 LED bulbs (only for FortisBC electricity or municipal electricity customers)

Note: per the BC Residential Tenancy Act, apartment buildings must provide tenants with proper notice to access suites. A property manager, owner or building representative must accompany contractors as they install products in each tenant's suite and complete the building energy assessment. For hotels and motels, only unoccupied rooms will be accessed to install upgrades.

Ongoing support for energy-efficiency upgrades

If you decide to make larger energy-efficiency upgrades, we’ll support you every step of the way, from acquiring quotes and finding the right contractor to applying for rebates.

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Natural gas customers


Natural gas/electricity customers in Southern Interior

How to apply

  1. Apply online for the Rental Apartment Efficiency Program.
  2. Allow a minimum of 30 days to process your application.
  3. If your application is approved, we’ll contact you to schedule a date for the building energy assessment and the direct installation of showerheads, faucet aerators and light bulbs (if applicable). Installations will happen on a weekday. We can also provide apartment building owners and managers with posters to display in common areas of the building to remind tenants of the scheduled upgrades. 
Note: the rebate application link below takes you to Account login. Once you've registered and/or logged in you can start your rebate application. Hint: we recommend using Google Chrome® for the best experience.

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Here's how much energy you could save

A typical building where a water-efficient showerhead and faucet aerators are installed in each unit along with replacing its central non-condensing space heating boiler with a new condensing boiler could expect to save up to 27 per cent of its natural gas usage.2

If your water is metered, water-efficient products could help save money on your building’s water bill.

We’re here to help

Read our frequently asked questions, email [email protected] or call 1-877-327-6137.

1Only for FortisBC or municipal electricity customers. BC Hydro customers with central electric water heating are not eligible for this program.
2The 27 per cent energy savings is based on 18 per cent savings on natural gas for an efficient boiler/domestic hot water system and 12 per cent savings for installed water-efficient fixtures, multiplied by the reduced load of 0.82 to result in 9 per cent savings in combination. Boiler savings of 18 per cent are an average based on an independent evaluation in 2011 by Prism Engineering of 148 multi-unit residential buildings that participated in the FortisBC Efficient Boiler Program. The water-efficient fixture savings of 12 per cent are based on a 2015 joint FortisBC and BC Hydro study of 70 multi-unit residential buildings that participated in a direct install program with no other energy efficiency upgrades made to the buildings. Actual results may vary. Savings do not include the basic charge or carbon or other taxes. The building owner would need to purchase and install a new condensing boiler for which FortisBC rebates are available.