New home construction

We’ve adopted the BC Energy Step Code as the energy performance standard for our New Home Program. Build a home more energy efficient than the minimum BC Building Code requirements and qualify for a whole-home rebate ranging from $1,000 to $8,000. Rebates are also available for installing eligible high-efficiency and ENERGY STAR® appliances and water heaters. 


To qualify for rebates through this program, the home(s) must be:

  1. new construction
  2. built in FortisBC’s natural gas or electricity service areas
  3. a maximum of four storeys high
  4. one of the following:
    • detached house (may include a secondary suite)
    • attached house (e.g. semi-detached, townhouses, duplexes, triplexes, row house or attached house with or without a secondary suite)
    • laneway home

Review all the terms and conditions.

Rebate details

Build a home with natural gas space and water heating (or electric space and/or water heating in FortisBC’s electricity service area) and qualify for:

  • whole-home performance rebates ranging from $1,000 to $8,000
  • $400 energy advisor support rebate2,3
  • water heater rebates of up to $1,000 when building a code minimum home or a BC Energy Step Code 1 home
  • ENERGY STAR and high-efficiency appliance rebates from $100 to $300

See the BC Energy Step Code requirement in the community you’re building in. Then view all available rebates for each step below.

Whole-home performance & energy advisor rebates 

 BC Energy Step CodeWhole-home performance1 Energy advisor support2 Appliances
Minimum BC building codeNot applicable +$400+

ENERGY STAR certified natural gas dryer - $100

EnerChoice® natural gas fireplace - $300

1Not applicable$400
3$2,000$0 or $4003
4$4,000$0 or $4003
5$8,0004$0 or $4003

Natural gas equipment rebates 

 BC Energy Step CodeHigh-efficiency water heatersEnergy advisor support2Appliances
Minimum BC building codeENERGY STAR water heaters - $200 to $1,000$400

ENERGY STAR certified natural gas dryer - $100

EnerChoice® natural gas fireplace - $300

2Not applicable5$400
3$0 or $4003
4$0 or $4003
5$0 or $4003

Electricity equipment rebates6

 BC Energy Step CodeHeat pump water heatersEnergy advisor support2ENERGY STAR appliances
Minimum BC building codeTier 2 or higher models - $1,000$400

Eligible washers - $100

Eligible electric dryers - $100 to $250

Eligible fridges - $50 to $100

2Not applicable5$400
3$0 or $4003
4$0 or $4003
5$0 or $4003

How to apply

For whole-home performance rebates

  1. Before construction begins, contact your FortisBC natural gas energy solutions manager or electricity technical advisors to put you in touch with an energy advisor. We’ll also help you in the design and planning stage, and support you along the way to help you achieve the desired step code.
  2. Complete a pre-construction, mid-construction (if required) and completion consultation with your energy advisor.
  3. Your energy advisor has all the necessary tools and will submit the application on your behalf within six months of the issuance of the building occupancy permit.

For appliance & water heater rebates

  1. Select the applicable application(s):
  2. Be sure to include copies of paid purchase invoices, which include the purchase date and make and model numbers of appliances.
  3. Submit your application:
  4. If you qualify, we’ll mail you the rebate. Please allow up to 90 days to process.

Additional resources

Learn more about the benefits of building high performance homes through BC Housing’s Local Energy Efficiency Partnership video series.

We’re here to help

For advice on the energy-efficiency options best suited for your project or help with understanding the new BC Energy Step Code and completing your rebate application, contact our natural gas energy solutions managers and electricity technical advisors.

1Available if natural gas is used for space and water heating in FortisBC’s natural gas area, electricity used for space and water heating in FortisBC’s electricity service area (includes Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland and Nelson Hydro), or a combination of natural gas and electricity used for space and water heating where the service areas overlap.
2If a municipality has not adopted the BC Energy Step Code or has adopted Step Code 1 or 2, FortisBC provides $500 in energy advisor support with $100 of it going to the energy advisor at mid-construction and $400 to the builder.
3If your development is located in the City of Vancouver, or a municipality that has adopted Step Code 3 or higher, the energy advisor rebate for builders is not available; however, $100 will continue to go to the energy advisor.
4Pre-approval from FortisBC required.
5As the energy savings from water heating is calculated as part of the whole-home performance rebate, a separate water heater rebate is not available when achieving Step Code 2 or higher.
6Electric heat pump water heater and appliance rebates are only available in FortisBC’s electricity service area (includes Grand Forks, Penticton, Summerland and Nelson Hydro).