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FortisBC approved to invest close to $700 million to help customers lower energy use

Feb 20, 2024

Record support for energy conservation initiatives will reduce GHG emissions and lower energy costs for customers

SURREY, B.C.—February 20, 2024: FortisBC Energy Inc. and FortisBC Inc. (FortisBC) will invest a record $694.8 million in helping customers reduce their energy use over the next four years, a key pillar in the company’s goal to lead the clean energy transformation in B.C. FortisBC is approved to invest $626.7 million to support its gas customers in lowering their energy use following the recent BC Utilities Commission’s (BCUC) approval of its Demand Side Expenditures Plan. The company will also invest a further $68.1 million on energy-saving programs for its electricity customers in the Southern Interior.

Championing energy efficiency at this scale represents an extraordinary commitment to both local and global climate action. This plan projects to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by just over 740,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent over the life of these measures—a reduction equivalent to taking more than 228,000 passenger cars off the road.1 Most of these reductions are expected to come from buildings and industry, the two sectors with the highest targets under the Government of B.C.’s CleanBC Plan. Reducing energy use is a key pillar in FortisBC’s own Clean Growth Pathway to 2050. This also aligns with the COP28 Global Renewables and Energy Efficiency Pledge, signed by Canada in September 2023, which aims to double energy efficiency globally by 2030.

“As the largest energy provider in British Columbia, we recognize the important role we play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are leading the clean energy transformation in B.C.,” said Joe Mazza, vice president, energy supply and resource development, FortisBC. “This investment demonstrates our unwavering commitment to that effort. With this funding, we can support some of the most challenging but impactful ways to reduce energy use and help transform how customers use energy in their homes and businesses.”

The funding allows FortisBC to shift its efforts to more advanced energy-efficiency initiatives, build its next generation of energy-saving programs and work with Indigenous communities to develop targeted programs for their unique needs. A key area will be developing programs for dual-fuel hybrid heating systems so customers can pair an electric heat pump with a high-efficiency gas furnace, ensuring they have access to reliable, affordable energy on colder days while lowering their overall emissions.

As part of their efforts to develop future rebate programs, FortisBC is testing new technologies as well as holistic approaches to energy-efficiency upgrades that aim to decrease energy use in homes and buildings by at least half. The knowledge gained from these pilots will strengthen FortisBC’s current offers such as rebates for insulation, windows and doors that support residential customers in preventing heat loss.

FortisBC also plans to enhance its extensive offerings for commercial, industrial and institutional customers, which already include financial support for energy evaluations, process improvement programs and direct rebates on more than 30 product categories. For example, by testing new gas technologies, it’s identified commercial-grade gas heat pumps that achieve energy efficiencies of more than 100 per cent, which reduce energy use and meet stringent energy standards while leveraging the strengths of the existing gas system.

The application was developed in consultation with industry stakeholders such as clean energy advocates, the Pembina Institute.

“We advocate for strong, effective policies and a highly collaborative approach to support the clean energy transition,” said Betsy Agar, director, buildings, Pembina Institute. “Energy efficiency is internationally recognized as a principal component of a sustainable future and we appreciate the significant investment FortisBC is making towards this effort as well as the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with B.C.’s utilities and industry.

FortisBC customers are encouraged to get involved in energy efficiency and stay informed as new opportunities become available by signing up for updates at


  • FortisBC first introduced energy-efficiency programs for customers in 1989. The purpose of these programs is to make higher efficiency choices more affordable and accessible for all its customers and help them choose the highest-efficiency technologies available.
  • These programs also help to keep rates more affordable by lessening or deferring the need to build new infrastructure to keep up with energy demand.
  • FortisBC has steadily increased its investment in energy conservation and management programs. In 2015, it invested approximately $35.4 million in its gas and electricity programs. By comparison, it was approved for $155.5 million in 2023 and is now targeting $182.3 million in 2024 alone.
  • FortisBC received BCUC approval for its 2024 - 2027 gas demand side management (DSM) plan in February 2024. The plan aims to reduce gas use by 3.9 million gigajoules and GHG emissions by just over 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent over the four-year period, and 14,433,377 gigajoules and GHG emissions of 744,762 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent over the lifetime of the energy-saving measures.
  • FortisBC received BCUC approval for its 2023 - 2027 electricity DSM expenditures in December 2022. The five-year plan aims to result in electricity savings of 143.4 gigawatt hours.
  • FortisBC’s energy-efficiency programs comply with the Government of British Columbia’s Demand-Side Measures Regulation.
  • Find a complete list of FortisBC’s energy conservation programs and rebates at

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